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CoDrone EDU Library Changelog

October 8, 2023#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.9

  • Fixed a bug in returning controller button press data for the custom controller lesson
April 15, 2023#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.8

  • added get_sensor_data()
  • Fixed bug where sensor requests would return 0 right after takeoff
  • Removed pynput dependency
February 16, 2023#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.7

  • added start_controller_buzzer()
  • added stop_controller_buzzer()
  • added get_error_data()
  • renamed get_x_gyro() -> get_angular_speed_x()
  • renamed get_y_gyro() -> get_angular_speed_y()
  • renamed get_z_gyro() -> get_angular_speed_z()
  • codrone-edu library version prints to console
December 28, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.6

added start_drone_buzzer()

added stop_drone_buzzer()

added get_temperature()

added move_forward()

added move_left()

added move_right()

added move_backward()

updated send_absolute_position()

November 14, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.5

avoid wall default unit changed from mm to cm

added reset_sensor()

get_pressure() and get_drone_temp() have been modified

added stop_motors()

August 17, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.4

added error checking to load_classifier() method

added height_from_pressure()

Virtual ceiling method integrated

Changed yaw directional values (positive yaw now turns left)

June 27, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.3

added go()

added 'ESC' key kill switch

waypoints now support multiple takeoffs

Motor diagnostic integrated as motor_test()

Added virtual ceiling to the background of the drone class

turn_degree() method improved

added turn()

June 10, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.2

Added move() command with input parameters

Added hyperlink to “drone may not be paired” message.

Added floor test as a method test_floor()

Added a motor test that uses all 4 motors individually to determine if one is faulty. motor_test()

Added waypoint system

Added joystick and button functions

May 17, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.1

removed serial library

Fixed screen error on controller

Mar 17, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 1.0

Speed defaults to 2 when starting a program

Added speed_change() and get_control_speed() functions

Pillow library added as dependency

Added error message if serial library is not detected

Added error handling when calling load_classifier()

Mar 17, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.9

Added Swarm class

Mar 1, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.8

Added movement as a state in the state list

Added temperature_convert()

Feb 18, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.7

Fixed turn_degree() to be absolute and smoother and turn 180 degrees

Fixed turn_right()

Fixed turn_left()

Added luminosity to for a fourth data point

Added controller screen drawing functions#

Feb 4, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.6

All distance sensors now return in centimeter by default

Fixed all functions effected by centimeter being returned by default

drone.turn_degree() is now absolute and division by 0 is fixed

drone.get_height() now uses time of flight instead of barometer

drone.get_flow_x, y converted from m to cm

Fixed drone.avoid_wall()

Added and fixed sendMotor

Added and fixed sendMotorSingle

Fixed buzzer functions

Added buzzer flip warning when battery is less than 50%

convert_meter can now return meter

Added drone.append_color_data() - appends data to an existing text file

Added error handling when load_classifier is empty

Changed dir variable in add_color()

Fixed issue when adding to a dataset that already exists

Updated set_trim() to only change roll and pitch

Updated get_trim_data() to return only roll and pitch

Jan 10, 2022#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.5

Added drone.flip()

Added convert_millimeter() and convert_meter() to return centimeter by default for all positional functions

Added error handling in the color classifier

Added docstrings

Dec 15, 2021#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.4

Added drone.get_drone_temp()

Added drone.get_pressure()

Added drone.drone_buzzer()

Added drone.controller_buzzer()

Added drone.set_trim()

Added drone.get_height

Added drone.get_pressure()

Added the flight sequences square, triangle, spiral, and sway.

Improved takeoff command

Improved port connection

Nov 23, 2021#

CoDrone EDU Version 0.3

Added drone.avoid_wall() - Obstacle avoidance command. is similar to zumi.forward_avoid_collision()

Added drone.detect_wall() - Uses front range sensor to detect a wall

Added drone.keep_distance() - Keep distance command makes the drone maintain a distance to an obstacle

Added drone.turn_left() - Can be given a degree and the drone will turn to the left

Added drone.turn_right() - Can be given a degree and the drone will turn to the right

Added drone.turn_degrees() - Can take an absolute degree command and will turn to that degree.

Added drone.hover() - Will make the drone hover.

Added reset_YPRT() - Resets the yaw pitch roll and throttle and sends the command to the drone.

Added drone.keep_height() - Keep height command. A single command that is looped.

Added get_colors() - returns a list [1, 2]

Added get_front_color() - gets first color in get_colors() list

Added get_back_color() - gets second color in get_colors() list

Added predict_color() - predicts a color if you have trained the model and there is an existing file

Finished basic LEDs

Oct 10, 2021#

CoDrone EDU Version (0.1 - 0.2)

Added Drone.acceleration_x, y, z

Added Drone.angle_roll, yaw, pitch

Added Drone.range_front()

Added Drone.range_bottom()

Added Drone.get_battery()


Added Drone.takeoff()