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You can use this function to create more complex flight movements. With no parameters, move() will just run based on whatever the flight variables have been set to with functions like setPitch() and setThrottle() indefinitely. You can also run it for a certain duration. The function also takes multiple parameters, where you can set roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle all at once. You can run it infinitely with 4 parameters, or you can run it for a given duration with 5 parameters. If the drone is not flying, nothing will happen. You must takeoff() first to use a move() function.


move(): runs indefinitely
move(duration): runs the given number of seconds
move(roll, pitch, yaw, throttle): runs indefinitely
move(duration, roll, pitch, yaw, throttle)


duration: the duration of the flight motion in seconds.
roll: the power of the roll, which is an int from -100 to 100
pitch: the power of the pitch, which is an int from -100 to 100
yaw: the power of the yaw, which is an int from -100 to 100
throttle: the power of the throttle, which is an int from -100 to 100



Example Code#
#Python code
import CoDrone_mini
drone = CoDrone_mini.CoDrone()
drone.move(5) # Move 5 seconds based on the current value of flight variables
drone.move() # Move indefinitely based on the current value of flight variables
drone.set_pitch(0) # Set pitch back to 0 for the remaining examples
drone.move(5, 0, 0, 80, 80) # Move up(throttle) and turn left(yaw) for 5 seconds