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Drives Zumi forward at a default speed of 20 for 1 second in the direction Zumi is currently facing. Zumi will stop when the duration or timeout is over. If the bottom IR sensors detect a black line, Zumi will continue to drive. If one or the other sensor detects white, Zumi will auto-adjust to stay on the line. If both sensors detect white, Zumi will stop even if the duration has not been met.


line_follow_gyro_assist(speed=20, duration=1.0)
line_follow_gyro_assist(speed=20, duration=1, angle=None, angle_adj=2, l_th=100, r_th=100)


speed: Positive integer value for speed between 0 and 80
duration: Number of seconds Zumi will drive on the line
angle: Heading or desired angle (default is None which is Zumi's current heading)
angle_adj: The number of degrees Zumi will turn if one IR sensor detects white.
l_th: threshold of the bottom left IR sensor.
r_th: threshold of the bottom right IR sensor.



Example Code#
#Python code
from zumi.zumi import Zumi
zumi = Zumi()